Politics of Higher Education, Research and Innovation Standing Group Meeting

Politics of Higher Education, Research and Innovation- ECPR Standing Group

2016 Standing Group Meeting Agenda

12.40-14.00, 9 September 2016

FL304, Charles University Prague

The Standing Group on the Politics of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation is a new ECPR Standing Group established in February 2016. We seek to bring together scholars whose work relates to the deeply interconnected fields of higher education, research, and innovation to encourage debates and research on the politics and policies in these areas. We believe that to advance contemporary political research it is essential to attend to how politics configure developments in the higher education, research, and innovation sectors, and how these developments in turn reconfigure politics. Our goals are to offer sustained analyses of these developments by generating comparative insights on all aspects of scholarly research—methodologies, theories, data collection, processing, and analysis into the dynamics and complexities of knowledge policymaking around the world. Existing and potential members are warmly invited to join this first meeting of the Standing Group and bring their ideas and expectations for future joint activities.


·   Introduction to the Standing Group

o  Updates from ECPR Standing Group meeting on 8th September

·      Membership – how to join and renewal

·      Standing Group Newsletter

o   Upcoming workshops and events – how to announce

·      Standing Group blog and Twitter – how to contribute

·      ECPR Section – ideas for 2017, Oslo

·      ECPR Joint Sessions and Research Sessions

·      Publications – potential avenues and recent publications

·      Syllabus bank

·      Award for Excellent Paper from an Emerging Scholar

·      Ideas and expectations of members for future activities?


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to Mar 4

Researching the Europe of Knowledge: Insights for policymakers from the UACES CRN

Directorate General Research & Innovation, European Commission, Square Frère Orban, 8, Brussels, Belgium

We would like to thank UACES and the Directorate General Research and Innovation, European Commission for generously supporting this event


Day 1: 3 March 2016

Welcome – Dr Meng-Hsuan Chou (NTU Singapore) – 16.00-16.15

‘Actors and Institutions in the Europe of Knowledge’ – Dr Mari Elken (NIFU), Mr Jens Jungblut (University of Oslo), Dr Martina Vukasovic (Ghent University) – 16.15-17.00

‘When are universities bound by EU public procurement rules as buyers and providers? – English universities as a case study’ – Dr Andrea Gideon (NUS), Dr Albert Sanchez-Graells (University of Bristol Law School) – 17.00-17.45

Day 2: 4 March 2016

‘The Rise of Higher Education Regionalism’ – Dr Meng-Hsuan Chou (NTU Singapore) and Dr Pauline Ravinet (University of Lille 2) – 10.00-10.45

‘Knowledge Brokerage and FP participation: a geographical perspective’ – Dr Nicola Francesco Dotti (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) – 10.45-11.30

‘Differentiated Integration and the Bologna Process’ – Dr Amelia Veiga (Centre for Research on Higher Education Policies) – 11.30-12.15

‘Scientific Diaspora: Roles and Options for Knowledge Policies’ – Dr Inga Ulnicane (University of Vienna), Dr Anete Vitola (University of Latvia), and Dr Julia Melkers (Georgia Tech) – 13.30-14.15

‘Knowledge policies for whom?’ – Dr Charikleia Tzanakou (University of Warwick) – 14.15-15.00

Closing remarks – Dr Meng-Hsuan Chou (NTU Singapore) – 14.15-15.00

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